Fortis is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. The Corporation uses sound environmental judgement in its decision making, planning and operations to meet the existing and future energy needs of its customers.

To fulfill this commitment, Fortis and its subsidiaries endeavour to:

  • meet and comply with all applicable laws, legislation, policies, regulations and accepted standards of environmental protection;
  • manage activities consistent with industry practice and in support of the environmental policies of all levels of government;
  • identify and manage risks to prevent or reduce adverse consequences from operations, including preventing pollution and conserving natural resources;
  • regularly conduct environmental monitoring and audits of environmental management systems and protocols, and strive for continual improvement in performance;
  • regularly set and review environmental objectives, targets and programs;
  • communicate openly on environmental issues with stakeholders, including customers, employees, contractors and the general public;
  • support and participate in community-based projects that focus on the environment;
  • provide training for employees and those working on behalf of the utilities to enable them to fulfill their duties in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • work with industry associations, government, investors and other stakeholders to establish standards for the environment appropriate to the utilities’ business; and
  • seek feasible, cost-effective opportunities to decrease greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and increase renewable energy sources.

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